Payment and refund policy

Deposits, payments, cancellations, and reimbursements

Prices of NUBARICS® and third-party providers of services and products may vary and are subject to change without notice.


Deposit payment

A non-refundable surgery scheduling deposit of 350.00 dollars is required.

Rescheduling for surgery at least one week before the scheduled date of surgery will not be subject to charges or deductions. Rescheduling for surgery within one week of the scheduled date of surgery will be subject to a 150.00 dollars deduction from the original deposit. Deposit payment can be applied once to reschedule your surgery within 60 days. No deposit funds are applicable after a second rescheduling.


Cancelation before surgery policy

Partial deposit reimbursement of $150.00 for cancellations due to medical emergencies or acts of God are to be addressed individually. Cancellations must be requested, received, and confirmed by email.

Financial services, credit card, and wire transfer fees are not reimbursable.


Full payment for the surgery

Payment methods accepted are cash, zelle, major credit card, money transfer from third-party financial institutions, electronic payment, and major bank cashier’s check. Full payment of services can be made at any time but should be made before or at the arrival at the hospital.

Cash payments are subject to a marker test. Funds from Zellecredit and debit cardsfinancial institutes, and electronic payments must be cleared on the morning of surgery, meaning in some cases payment should be done a day or two before surgery. Credit or debit card payments are subject to a 3.6% transfer fee.


Reimbursement for cancelations during treatment

Should surgery be canceled by the surgeon because a customer does not meet surgical criteria or because unacceptable surgical risks have been identified during pre-surgical exams, customers will receive reimbursement of the remaining amount paid after deduction of all expenses incurred. These expenses may include but are not limited to, transportation, x-rays, laboratory tests, EKG, medical fees, hospital fees, and hotel fees. Should surgery be canceled or interrupted by the surgeon at any time during a surgical procedure for the protection and safety of a patient, any balance that remains after deducting all incurred expenses will be reimbursed to the customer. These expenses may include but are not limited to, transportation, x-rays, laboratory tests, EKG, medical fees, hospital fees, and hotel fees.


Additional charges

Extra costs incurred as a consequence of surgery delayed due to customer failure, including but not limited to the customer’s late arrival to the airport, pick-up place, or hospital, not fasting before surgery, or conditions that require medical treatment before surgery (e.g., high blood pressure, high blood glucose levels) mentioned or not during preoperative questionnaire are to be paid by the customer as an additional cost and will be addressed on a case-by-case basis and settled before surgery.

Examples of additional are (but are not limited to):

Previously diagnosed or undiagnosed hiatal hernia repair: 500 USD

BMI 50 or higher: 500 USD

BMI 60 or higher: 1000 USD

Revision surgery (previous weight loss surgery): 1000 USD

Additional hospital day: 250 to 500 USD

Additional hotel night: 150 to 150 USD

Additional costs due to BMI should be paid before surgery. Hernia repair fee should be paid before hospital discharge. Should a patient need blood bank products or services, these are to be paid by the patient to the blood bank before receiving their services.


Right to refuse service

Requesting our services does not guarantee they will be provided. We may deny services if at any time during the patient selection process we find a customer is not a candidate for surgery due to their BMI, age, or other personal information provided that indicates contraindications, or unacceptable risks. We reserve the right to refuse service to preserve the customer’s health and even life.


Right to cancel surgery or service

Scheduling surgery does not guarantee it will be performed. If at any time during the patient’s hospital stay or surgical procedure the surgeon determines the patient is not a good candidate for surgery, we reserve the right to refuse service or cancel surgery to preserve the patient’s health, well-being, and even life. Indicators considered to put the patient “at risk” include but are not limited to BMI, age, response to anesthesia, factors relating to anatomy and/or obesity that make surgery a risk, or the patient failure to provide truthful information about their health condition during the preoperative medical questionnaire. The right to refuse or cancel treatment or surgery includes a patient or their companion’s mental, or behavioral issues that suggest an inability to deal with the procedure or any part of the surgical protocol. See cancelation during treatment policy.


Third-party products and services

A surgeon may need or include third-party services and products, such as financial services, genetic tests, blood bank products, pathology services, and nutritional supplements. These may also be requested by the customer. Please review the terms and conditions of any services and products you purchase, as each has its policies.