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Transportation across the border

Companion welcome at no additional cost

Complete set of preoperative exams

Two-night recovery in a full-service hospital

One-night stay at an awarded 5-star hotel

And more...

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Take Control Of Your Weight Loss Journey

A Weight Loss Plan Tailored To Your Goals

Here at Nubarics®, we want to help you achieve your weight loss goals with our personalized gastric sleeve and bypass programs. Safe, innovative, and affordable.

With the help of our Doctors get personalized post-op support, and take advantage of our genetic analysis program for obesity, metabolic diseases, and nutrigenomics. Take the first step towards your weight loss journey, contact us now!

Choose To Be Lighter, Healthier, And Well-Nourished

100% satisfaction rating on our Facebook page. Check the reviews.

“I work in the medical field in the US and I have never seen a doctor more committed to their patients than Dr. Gutierrez. When it comes to communication, the support Nubarics provides after surgery is amazing.”

Thaiza A.

“I met Dr. Gutierrez in 2006. I weighed in at 410 pounds. I was nervous and most of all I was scared because I didn’t know what did the future would hold at the rate of weight I was gaining. I was motivated and decided to have the surgery. I lost 210 pounds with Dr. Gutierrez. He gave a second chance and he left me with the comfort of being in good hands.”

Sergio M.
California, U.S.A.

“My experience was the best, they treated me very well from the time I arrived at the hospital until the last day. The nurses treated me with lots of love and patience. I recommend them, I was very happy with my decision.”

Stephanie D.
California, U.S.A.

“Dr. Gutierrez and his group were very attentive even before surgery. They cleared up my doubts and answered my questions while building up my confidence to make this important decision. I truly recommend Nubarics® to everyone.”

California, U.S.A.

“I have received excellent care and attention on behalf of the doctor and his group before, during and after my surgery. I can say that I am happy with my decision, I am using clothes that did not fit me six months ago and I have gone 7 sizes down.”

Andrea M.
California, U.S.A.

“I’m very grateful for the care I received during my medical trip. I had never been treated this well in any hospital in my life. Doctors, nurses, coordinators, and everybody at the hospital, and hotel are amazing.”

Flor R.
California, U.S.A.

“I had surgery six months ago and my experience was amazing! Nubarics group is great before, during, and after surgery. I have lost 60 lbs. already and feel great.”

Anabel H.

“I had surgery in my late 50’s. My medical trip to Tijuana was flawless. I feel 20 years younger in just six months after surgery, some many aches and pains are gone now.”

Esmeralda A.

“Dr. Gutierrez and everybody at Nubarics have been so professional and attentive before and after surgery. Having surgery has been the best decision of my life, 10 months after surgery I have lost 70 lbs. and so many things in my life have improved, the one I treasure the most is being able to play with my son like I never could before. Every time someone compliments me, I am thankful for Nubarics and what they have done for me.”

Carolina H.

“Dr. Gutierrez and his group were very attentive even before surgery. They cleared up my doubts and answered my questions while building up my confidence to make this important decision. I truly recommend Nubarics® to everyone.”

Bella H.
California, U.S.A.

“I am not going to lie, you will need to make changes, but your effort will pay off. So far I”ve lost 90 lbs. if you are able to have surgery don’t think twice. I highly recommend Dr. Gutierrez and Nubarics”

Jasmine H
California, U.S.A.

“Dr. Gutierrez and his group were very attentive even before surgery. They cleared up my doubts and answered my questions while building up my confidence to make this important decision. I truly recommend Nubarics® to everyone.”

Ivonne M.

“I had surgery recently and I lost 35 lbs already. Mine was a worry free surgery experience. Top notch care and surgery follow-up. I would recommend Nubarics to anyone who suffered for years like me for weight loss failures. I truly appreciate the constant care and support.”

Tony B.

“My weight was 276 lbs. before surgery, now is 192 but my goal is 165 and I know I will get there! My diabetes is gone, my blood pressure has never been better, and I can do all the activities I want with my granddaughter. Nubarics is incredible! The surgeons are top notch and the staff took great care of me. I recommend them, if you want to improve your health and add years to your life, call them and they will walk you through your journey.”

Indiana, U.S.A.

“I am so happy I chose to come here. Their service is amazing. Everyone is so attentive. On pre- and postoperative care, they make sure everything is going great. Drs. and nurses make sure everything is good to go. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! 10/10. I highly recommend coming to Nubarics®️!”

Arianna O.

“Nubarics®️, what a wonderful staff. Doctors, surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, coordinators, nutritionist, everyone so attentive, Hospital Guadalajara, so clean and nice. Of course, nothing is 100% perfect and little things will pop up, but the better supersedes the minor. I am the 5th in my family and friend circle to have had the gastric sleeve with Nubarics®️, and have recommended to friends and family. My review in one word: TRUSTWORTHY”

Alejandra F.

“After many failed attempts of losing weight with diets and exercise, I finally had my sleeve two years ago. My medical trip to Tijuana experience with Nubarics®️ was great, everything they said and advertise was delivered. To me the most value comes when I can reach out to my nutritionist and doctor even two years after my surgery. I have return to my ideal weight and feel great about it, healthy again, so many aches are gone. I fully recommend the sleeve surgery to anybody struggling with weight, and I recommend Nubarics®️ 100%.”

Elizabeth D.

“For 10 days I contacted over 9 different doctors who could do the surgery. Only a few answered, but not the doctor, it was a gatekeeper.
At Nubarics, Dr. G personally answered my messages and gave me all the information I needed, on the same day! This was very important for me, because I like to get the information straight from the doctor’s mouth. Not from the assistant.
Nubarics®️ is not the cheapest nor the most expensive. The price was not issue for me. To me, what was important, was to know what exactly I was getting for that price.
The entire team of nurses, doctors and specialist who tended to my recovery were spectacular. They are so caring and professional. It is evident that they love what they do.
I know I chose the best place at Nubarics®️ because I deserve the best, always!”

Mary V.

“50 lbs. lost so far and counting. Nubarics®️ has left us speechless! From the initial phone call with Dr. Gutierrez, to the follow up, to all of the nurses, we were so well taken care of. My surgery was a complete success and saved my life. No pain just minor discomfort but I feel better than ever. I will forever be grateful to my friends who recommended here and especially grateful to everyone who made this possible. I highly recommend this team. Do it for your health and for a great future with your loved ones. I’m getting my life back!”

Myra H.

Certified Medical Group

Nubarics® staff is highly experienced and specialized in gastric sleeve and bypass surgery. Located in Tijuana, Mexico, Nubarics® welcomes patients traveling from the United States for our exceptional medical care. Our skilled and well-trained surgeons, medical staff, and coordinators have been selected based on rigorous professional and personal qualifications.

LNCA Damaris Lopez

LNCA Damaris Lopez

Certified Nutritionist. Double diploma in Bariatric Nutrition.

Ms. Lopez graduated top of her class from Universidad Iberoamericana campus Tijuana, one of the most prestigious schools in Mexico. In collaboration with Dr. Gutierrez and Dr. Cano, she has created the most comprehensive and easy-to-understand food introduction program for Nubarics® Gastric sleeve and bypass patients.

Dr. Gabriel Gutierrez

Dr. Gabriel Gutierrez

Medical surgeon. Diploma in nutrition. Nubarics® support coordinator.

Dr. Gutierrez takes care of patients before and after their surgery. He has practiced as a licensed medical surgeon for 25 years, and he also has 17 years of experience in counseling gastric sleeve and bypass patients. He is also a published author and international speaker on the subject of nutritional supplementation and shares with Nubarics® patients his guidelines to begin or perfect their supplementation.

Dr. Luis Cano

Dr. Luis Cano

Double board-certified bariatric surgeon.

Dr. Cano has been a licensed doctor for more than 17 years and a board-certified bariatric surgeon for more than six. As part of his ongoing continuous education, to date, he has attended national and international trainings. He is highly skilled in gastric sleeve and bypass surgeries, and affiliated with the most prestigious associations in the field of weight loss and metabolic surgery.


Weight Loss Surgeries That
We Offer

According to the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS), bariatric surgery is the most effective and durable treatment for obesity and its associated metabolic diseases. Nubarics® surgeons perform all of the procedures approved worldwide.

Gastric Sleeve

Gastric sleeve is the weight loss surgery of choice for patients struggling with obesity but otherwise healthy.

Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass is the preferred weight loss surgery for those struggling with obesity and suffering from metabolic diseases and their complications and/or diagnosed hiatal hernia.

Revision Surgery

An option for patients with previously failed gastric sleeve and bypass surgery.

Learn about our flexible pricing options!

Are You A Candidate?

If you are between ages 18 and 65 and carrying 50 lbs. or more, you can enjoy the benefits of weight loss surgery.

*Younger and slimmer patients may be considered on individual criteria.

Expert Guidance For A Stress-Free Medical Journey


Contact Us

  • Speak to a doctor
  • Get your questions answered
  • Confirm your diagnosis and choose surgery guided by a doctor
  • Fill out your preliminary medical questionnaire



  • Book a date
  • Confirm by paying deposit
  • Receive welcome email
  • Plan your trip
  • Begin your preoperative preparation



  • Fly or drive to San Diego, CA included
  • Surgery and 2-night full recovery hospital stay
  • Additional night to rest at a 5-star hotel
  • Return on day 4 with meds and postoperative menu


Lose Weight

  • Follow guidelines
  • Stay in touch with your doctor and nutritionist
  • Join our private support group
  • Enjoy your weight loss journey

Learn about our flexible pricing options!

Our Program Goes Beyond Just The Surgery

From the trip to our clinic to the follow-up on your recovery, Nubarics® offers you a full comprehensive program that includes personalized support from start to finish.

What sets apart our program is the possibility to fit your budget, without compromising the quality of the procedure.

  • Transportation across the border
  • Companion welcome at no additional cost
  • Experienced double board-certified surgeons
  • Well-rested doctors policy
  • Complete set of preoperative exams
  • Two safety leak tests, during and after surgery
  • Two-night recovery in a full-service hospital
  • One-night stay at an awarded 5-star hotel
  • COVID-19 safety measures
  • Take home medication
  • Follow-up with doctor
  • Postoperative menus
  • Nutritional supplementation guidelines
  • Personalized wellness advise
  • An optional genetic analysis program

Traveling For Surgery

Patients travel for surgery for different reasons, some find themselves uninsured or not covered for gastric sleeve or bypass surgery and unable to pay the excessive self-pay price for surgery in the United States. Others have waited too long for their approval or are tired of waiting for their surgery date. While others prefer the experience, charm, and attentiveness of affordable private medical care in Mexico.

We will care for you and be by your side regardless of your reason from the moment you decide to have surgery to the time you achieve your weight loss goal.

Weight Loss Surgery At A Price That Works For You

Save 10,000 dollars or more* by booking with Nubarics®

  *when compared to self-pay prices in the US.

Don’t compromise quality for price… 

Our prices are not in the expensive range, ours are flexible and affordable prices that fit most patients’ budgets. Get quality weight loss surgery at an affordable price. 

Our tailored pricing options have allowed our patients to achieve their weight goals.

Contact us to learn more about our discounts on cash payments, parties of two or more, and a few others.

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